Cirepil 800g Homme for Men Wax Beads - Case of 12

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Cirepil Homme for Men Case of 12homme-peek.jpg

Cirépil Homme Wax Beads - For The Man - Gel textured, Non-strip wax, especially formulated for men.

  • Metallic blue-green color
  • Refreshing marine scent
  • Ultra-fluid gel texture
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for men’s grooming: shoulders, chest, back, and men's intimate
  • For all skin and hair types - especially suited for tough, difficult-to-remove hair!
  • Available: 800 gram bag of beads

“…there’s still a residual feeling that waxing products are feminine. However, as perceptions change, so does the popularity of male grooming products. With the steps forward in equality, people are increasingly blurring the lines between what's masculine and feminine. There's also been a 17 percent annual boost in male-run health and beauty businesses, which also welcome male clientele and put them at ease.” Huffington Post 2014


“Top salons report male waxing clients have risen by almost 30 percent this year alone. “Guys are doing it not only because it makes them feel cleaner, but also for the illusion of the 'optical inch'—by minimizing hair you maximize the appearance of other ‘parts.” – Men’s fitness magazine 2014


“So why have men started waxing and grooming? Well, as it’s become more acceptable for men to wear designer clothing, moisturizing their skin and generally become more body conscious, they began to tend to their body hair. In a survey by 88 percent of women expect their men to keep their downstairs tidy and a huge 93 percent didn’t like hairy backs. This just shows how attitudes towards male grooming have changed. Because of women preferring a smooth man, men began to wax or shave whenever possible.” 2014

 800 grams = 1.76 pounds

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