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Cirepil Depilatory Wax

    Oils and Lotions    Waxing Kits    Wax Warmers Strips, Spatulas, Gloves, etc  

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Why wax with us? Our Top 5 Reasons!



 Save Product:

  • Cirépil by Perron Rigot waxes are applied in a thin layer. Up to 2 to 3 times less product is used compared with traditional wax
  • One application is all it takes to achieve 100% effectiveness
  • Less wax results in a lower cost per service

 Save time:

  • Application:   Waxing with Cirépil is fast! A small amount of wax goes a long way. Less time is needed to wax large areas of the body. Requiring less time allows you to service more clients!
  • Removal:   You’ll be amazed at the quick drying time of Cirépil non-strip waxes. Cirépil strip-waxes; Apply and remove. It can’t get any faster!
  • Completing the Service:
    Put away the tweezers and say goodbye to retouching! With proper application, there’s no hairs, no waxy residue, no stickiness left behind. With Cirépil by Perron Rigot simply complete the service with an application of After Wax Refreshing Gel!


  • Top quality products and a complete system for use to optimize your results. 
  • Diversity of choices: strip, non-strip, hypoallergenic, moisturizing, natural, scented and unscented. Perfect for men and women and the most intimate of services.
  • Each wax developed to be a targeted solution to a waxing need.
  • Pre and post products to ensure a positive experience and result.
  • Patented waxes.. often imitated never replicated.  


Clients love Cirepil waxes and marketing your salon as featuring Cirepil will help you develop strong client loyalty.


Cirepil is cost effective to use because of the way it is applied. Combine this with its more comfortable waxing experience and you have a winning way to attract clients and keep them coming back.  100% Comfort & 100% Effective.

  Benefits you will love:

  • More comfortable application and removal
  • Diverse wax choices elevate you from the one-wax technician to a problem solver.
  • Protocols to turn waxing into a happy waxing experience.
  • Lower heat means less skin irritation.
  • Higher profits from cost effective use.

Where else can you find:

  • Waxes that are applied at or just above skin temperatures (often 20-30 degrees below most waxes on the market)?
  • Waxes containing top anti-irritants as Titanium Dioxide and Jojoba?
  • Waxes with a soft creamy comfortable textures?
  • Waxes that are non-sticky and in some cases water soluble?


Cirepil believes so much in these products that they have developed certificate training courses, video educational programs, and additional support materials to make Cirepil work well for you in your salon or school.

We offer Cirepil waxing classes regularly at our clinic in Eugene, Oregon and also in Portland, Oregon.  Please call us for the next class dates: 541-344-7789. Live too far to get into our clinic?  Try the Cirepil DVD training disks.  Every new-hire gets the same product technique review for optimum results.

Ready to Buy?

Waxes   Oils and Lotions   Waxing Kits   Wax Warmers    Strips, Spatulas, Gloves, etc 

Caution: As with all waxes, wear gloves, sanitize area, avoid areas of inflammation, wounds, vascularization, and clients on questionable medications/treatments which may include Accutane, Retin A, some AHA's, etc.



Looking for the Cirepil SDS Data Sheets?

Just click on a product name:

Cirepil Blue Wax SDS Cirepil Blue Lotion SDS
Cirepil Ease Wax SDS Cirepil PreDepilatory Jasmin Oil SDS
Cirepil Forte Wax SDS eScential Rose SDS
Cirepil Visage SDS Cirepil Homme SDS

Cirepil Intimate 4 SDS

Cirepil Cristal Ocean SDS 

Cirepil Destination Japanoise Green Tea

Ciripil Cristalline SDS 
Cirepil Destination Orange Blossom
Cirepil Nacree Blanche Wax SDS
 Cirepil Destination Provencale Lavender
 Cirepil Vegetale SDS  Cirepil Destination Monoi
Cirepil Eurose SDS   
 Cirepil Euroblonde SDS  Refreshing Gel 
Cirepil Cashmere SDS  
  • Cirepil Training DVD Front Cover
    $50.00 Cirepil "The Art of Waxing" Professional Insructional DVD
    This Cirepil training video shows use techniques for the Cirepil waxes. Great source of tips and tricks for waxing whether you are a new or an experienced esthetician. Learn how to wax the Cirepil Way. Introduction Who...
  • Cirepil "The Basics" DVD
    $10.00 Cirepil "The Art of Waxing" The Basics Insructional DVD
    This Cirepil training video shows basic techniques for the Cirepil waxes. Great source of tips and tricks for waxing whether you are a new or an experienced esthetician. Learn how to wax the Cirepil Way...
  • Cirepil 800g Cachemire (Cashmere) Wax Beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Cachemire (Cashmere) Wax Beads
    Cirepil Cashmere (Cachemire) Wax, 800g beads HYPOALLERGENIC WAX Softness & Performance Ideal for first time waxing, young adults and sensitive skin Cirépil Cachemire wax was developed with a new patented high...
  • Picture of Cirepil Depilatory Euroblonde Wax, 800g Beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Euroblonde Wax Beads
    Cirepil Euroblonde Europe's #1 Selling Wax is HERE!!!! Perron Rigot is celebrating its 80th anniversary by releasing this long popular European wax to the US. The essential info: honey-colored translucent...
  • Cirepil Wax Bead Scoop
    $6.00 Cirepil Bead Scoop
    Cirepil Bead Scoop.  Great for scooping beads out of larger containers and funneling precise amounts into the wax pot heater.