The New Direction of Esthetics.


The term esthetics comes from the Greek word aesthetikos (meaning "perceptible to the senses"), is a branch of anatomical science that deals with the overall health and well-being of the skin, the largest organ of the human body. As we learn more about the ways in which we can enhance the beauty of the skin the field is expanding. Skin care – esthetics, is rapidly changing. Traditionally the goal was matching the client with the most appropriate product for cleansing, toning and moisturizing, today the approach is much more holisitic encompassing far more than just skin care.

Consumers today are not just looking for a nice feeling and smelling product, they want it to improve the quality of their skin. Estheticians have responded by teaming up with scientists and medical practitioners. The result is products targeted to meeting specific skin condition needs. Concentrated serums offer visible improvements in everything from acne to hydration, minimizing enlarged pores and fine lines.

Since quality skin requires support both internally and externally, just using great products isn’t enough. Cutting edge estheticians now offer doctor formulated supplements to help skin care products work even better. The inside of the body doesn’t really care what the outside looks like. Skin, hair and nails are the last aspects of the body to get “fed.” This makes nutrition of major importance for having the best, youngest looking skin we can. While ideally we would get all the nutrition we need from the food we eat, for most of us this just doesn’t happen.

Now we have teamed up with nutritional guru, Dr. J. Meschino. His Adëeva Essential Beauty Program works from the inside out. Unlike topical creams and lotions, which address outer skin conditions, Adëeva’s natural nutrients are targeted to perfect skin cells as they develop -- on the inside. When nourished cells match the skin’s surface, they create a clear complexion, smooth texture, and beautiful healthy skin. Adëeva’s scientifically based formulas improve your inner health. And the results go far beyond beauty. With Adëeva, both you and your skin will glow, because health and beauty come from within.

Stress plays a big part in the quality of our skin. Stress may come from health issues, work issues, dietary issues or just living in our society. Quality skin care products, nutritional supplements, diet and exercise along with fun things like inSPAration bathtub scents even magnetics all do their own part in helping us deal with those stressors.

We at Esthetics NW are committed to continuing research and bringing you more ways to enhance your life “esthetically.”.