Cirepil 800g Euroblonde Wax Beads - Case of 12

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Cirepil Euroblonde - Bulk order by the Case (12ct of 800g beads)

Europe's #1 Selling Wax is HERE!!!!

Perron Rigot is celebrating its 80th anniversary by releasing this long popular European wax to the US.

The essential info:

  • honey-colored translucent wax
  • ultra-fluid honey-like texture
  • very supple, makes for comfortable application
  • ultra-thin, non brittle strips
  • especially suitable for full bikini and large areas
  • waxing consistent high quality in all settings
  • non-strip
  • suitable for speed waxing


For all areas and hair types, especially short, tough hair.

Heated at a lower temperature than most waxes. Can generate 200 treatments from 1 bag.

Honey colored translucent wax with a very supple texture. Recommended for heavy legs because of its exceptional comfort and fluidity. Especially suitable for short, tough hairs.

The addition of  synthetic polymers ensures it stays flexible as it sets. It can be used at a much lower temperature and a lot thinner than many other waxes.

800 grams = 28.22 ounces
This is a case of 12 bags, 800g each.  




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