Cirepil 800g Eurose Refill Wax Beads - Case of 12

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Cirepil 800g Eurose Beads - bulk order by the case.

Cirepil Eurose Wax Beads

Creamy textured, all purpose, non-strip wax.

  • Easy to apply, quick & efficient waxing
  • Fresh rose color
  • Creamy texture
  • Formulated with titanium dioxide and coconut oil
  • Easy to apply for quick and efficient waxing
  • Ideal on all areas and for all types of hair, including short, shaved hair
  • Patented polymer formula
  • Available: 800 gram bag of beads

Formerly Elvarose has been REFORMULATED with Coconut Oil for Remarkable results!  This latest discovery by the Perigot laboratories belongs to the new generation of depilatory waxes.

This is a disposable  non-strip wax, which is protected by an international patent. Eurorose combines the creamy, smooth, and easy to use qualities of the Cirepil Pink wax while taking advantage of the technical progress of the disposable wax without strips.

When applied in thin layers, the hair is trapped almost instantly the polymerization. The strip solidifies, but remains supple and does not break. Due to its exceptional hair-removing quality, this wax can be used satisfactorily on all parts of the body.

Eurose wax is a low temperature wax to be applied on the skin at 98.6F.

NOTE: A special extra feature of Eurose is the availability of packaging in pastilles (beads) that can be added to a tin as you wax if needed or to any heating container you desire.

800 grams = 1.76 pounds


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