Cirepil "The Art of Waxing" The Basics Insructional DVD

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This Cirepil training video shows basic techniques for the Cirepil waxes. Great source of tips and tricks for waxing whether you are a new or an experienced esthetician. Learn how to wax the Cirepil Way.

  1. Introduction
    • Who We Are
    • What Makes Us Unique
  2. Preparation
    • The Cabin/Treatment Room
    • Cirepil Melting Pot Set-up
    • Key Steps to Begin Treatment
    • Clean-Up
  3. Female Waxing
    • Feet, Lower Legs, Knees Thighs
    • Underarms
    • Arms, Hands, and Fingers
    • Lips
    • Eyebrows
    • Bikini


We also offer the more in depth "Art of Waxing Professional DVD".

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