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Smoker or 2nd Hand Smoke

We know that smoking isn't the best thing for the body but it also takes its toll on the skin. Here are some smoker's skin facts:

  • Smoke destroys collagen and it can take up to a week after one exposure to regenerate.
  • Heavy smokers are 5x more apt to be heavily wrinkled than non-smokers
  • The cells that make collagen - fibroblasts - produce 40% less collagen when exposed to smoke
  • Smoke kills part of the body's immune system called killer cells that protect us against cancer and reduces our ability to heal and increases our risk of scarring.

While it would be best to stop smoking, if that isn't an option, be sure to check out our page of problem solvers for those exposed to smoke including: Pollution Solution, Oxygen Boosting Complex, Advanced Firming Complex, Triple C & E and the Detox Plus Mask. 

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