Bombshell Depilatory Wax

Bombshell Depilatory Wax

bombshell.jpg (12268 bytes)Wax safely, gently and effectively removes hair as short as 1/16 of one inch. Bombshell’s proprietary wax formulas combine the finest natural rosins and pure botanical essential oils for comfortable waxing that is fast, easy, safe and smooth. Pure essential oils add a subtle and delightful scent to your waxing room. That’s Epilessence™. Available in Rose Petal Crème or Lavender and Tea Tree formulas. Packaged in polypropylene tamper proof jars. 

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  • Bombshell Wax - Ipanema Aquamarine Beads 800g bag


    Bombshell Wax - Ipanema Aquamarine Beads 800g

    Bombshell Ipanema Aquamarine Beads 800g (aka "blue") are no longer available.  As an alternative, we recommend Cirepil Blue: Cirepil Blue 800g Cirepil Blue 3750g Cirepil Blue 3750g Case Professional who prefers to order by the case and...
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