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Bombshell Depilatory Wax

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Bombshell Waxes
Bombshell Epilessence™ bombshell.jpg (12268 bytes)Wax safely, gently and effectively removes hair as short as 1/16 of one inch. Bombshell’s proprietary wax formulas combine the finest natural rosins and pure botanical essential oils for comfortable waxing that is fast, easy, safe and smooth. Pure essential oils add a subtle and delightful scent to your waxing room. That’s Epilessence™. Available in Rose Petal Crème or Lavender and Tea Tree formulas. Packaged in polypropylene tamper proof jars.

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Bombshell Ipanema Beads  



  • Bombshell Cream 100 Calming Balm white bottle
    $13.95 Bombshell Cream 100 Calming Balm
    Bombshell brand Cream 100 Calming Balm is a scientific formula of proprietary active ingredients that reduces redness, calms inflammation, soothes the skin and promotes healing. Upon application, it's ingredients immediately...
  • Bombshell Strips - Non-Woven 200ct packet
    $18.50 Bombshell Strips - Non-Woven 200ct
    Bombshell Las Vegas Strips are premium quality, non-woven strips at a great price. (Seriously, compare our prices!). The mumbo jumbo says they are created by a proprietary triple-bond method and patented softening treatment...
  • Bombshell Wax - Honey, Lavender and Tea Tree plastic container
    $16.95 $9.95 Bombshell Wax - Honey, Lavender and Tea Tree
    Bombshell Honey, Lavender and Tea Tree Wax A soft, honey-style strip wax that heats to a slightly higher temperature. Excellent for all hair types. Goes on in a very thin layer, almost like cellophane. Very economical and...
  • Bombshell Wax - Ipanema Aquamarine Beads 800g bag
    $29.50 Bombshell Wax - Ipanema Aquamarine Beads 800g
    PLEASE NOTE THE NEW SIZE. Ipanema Aquamarine Beads A remarkably effective and gentle stripless wax. Sensational for bikini, face and sensitive skin. Stays tacky and pliable as it dries, never brittle. Gorgeous aquamarine...