Want More Success Growth and Delighted Clients in 2022?

Want More Success Growth and Delighted Clients in 2022?

One of the lessons I learned in my 30+ years of clinic work is that it’s much cheaper to keep good clients than constantly be looking for new ones. The fancy term for that is client retention. It’s the opposite of churn - losing clients.

I always had lots of client referrals, but found you still have to do paid marketing. It can might be Google ads, Facebook or Instagram posts and paid ads, etc. You have to get your message out there. But these can get expensive quickly.

The average click for social media is 1.3%. Ouch. You need a better rate than that!

One of the most successful tools I discovered was newsletters. They started out print, and now are digital.

According to MailChimp the average beauty industry open rate is16.5%. That seems a little low to me. Last month we hit 29% and that happens regularly.

Keep in mind, your numbers will fluctuate, that’s the way it is. And the ups and downs are dependent on your client list and how well your newsletter is written.

Some businesses send newsletters weekly or semi-monthly but for the beauty niche, monthly works equally well.

You start with clearly knowing who your writing to… your target audience. What would they like from you? What are their concerns, interests and needs? Will your newsletter focus on a single service, or topic? Or will you share information on several different things.

If you’re swamped, or writing marketing materials isn’t your strength, look for someone who specializes in writing newsletters. If cost is a concern, some writers, like me, offer a slightly more generic email focused on salons.

You then personalize it with your salon information and copy/paste it into your email service provider’s system. Easy and inexpensive.

Most writers also have package options where your newsletter can be customized. This can add more personalized elements.

Did you know that 42.3% of subscribers are looking for insider savings? So yes, tell them about any specials you’re offering. But keep at least 80-90% of your content helpful and informational.

If’ you’ve not used a newsletter, I encourage you to give it a try this year! You may well find it will help your dreams take wings. Confused, stuck or need help? Book a quick free call and let’s chat.

1st Jan 2022 Judith Culp

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