Wax Warmer/Heater - Professional Single

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Built to offer you years of reliable service. Metal, not plastic, housing, neutral color and clean lines add to your professional image.

Wide range temperature control is especially suitable for the low temperature needs of the Cirepil waxes.

The unit holds one can of Cirepil wax. Use with tin inserts. Do not place wax directly into heater.

This is the choice of most experienced professionals. 8.5x8x4.5 inches, for use with standard 3.75 inch tins. No tin is included but they are available separately here.

This product does NOT come with a lid.  Our manufacturer did locate lids that work perfectly.  So we now have available lids specifically for these heaters. You can find them here: https://www.estheticsnw.com/professional-heater-lid/  Lids are sold individually.

Another alternative is to purchase wax pot inserts with lid if you want something that is quick and easy to swap out.


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Standard Operating Wax Heater Guide


Our heaters are built to give you many years of reliable waxing. Following this simple guide will help ensure your success.

  1. Plugging your heater into a surge-protected power strip will protect the unit from power fluctuations.
  2. Turn on the heater by gently twisting the large knob clockwise, (numbers get larger). Running temperature for most waxes is in the 3-5 range.
  3. Indicator bulbs light-up to indicate the unit is turned on. Never push on indicator lights. It risks breaking them and damaging your unit.
  4. If heating cold, (solidified wax) you can turn it up to 7 or higher.
  5. Attend a heater when you have it set in the high temperature range of 7-10.
  6. Do not turn the heater dial past the 10 mark as it can strip the mechanism and cause a dial malfunction.
  7. After 20 minutes in the high range, turn the heater to a lower setting.
  8. NEVER put the wax directly into the heater well. This can damage the heater and will void the warranty.
  9. A tin that is is 2-1/2 inches deep and 3-3/4" in diameter will fit in this heater perfectly and ensure even heating.
  10. Always turn the heater off by rotating the dial counter-clockwise (numbers get smaller) when not in use and prior to cleaning.
  11. Tidy the unit between clients and at the end of the day to avoid buildup of wax threads or puddles.
  12. Keep wax away from vents and from entering the wax heater housing.
  13. Use caution when cleaning heater to prevent burns.
  14. Never immerse the heater in water or other liquids.
  15. Always pre-test your cleaner on a small inconspicuous place on your heater. Some cleaners could damage or lift paint or mar the finish of the heater.
  16. Caution: NEVER use acetone to clean your heater. Acetone is known to mar finishes.


Safety and Infection Control Tips

  1. Using a disposable wax ring collars reduces the risk of cross-contamination and speeds up the cleaning process.
  2. Always wear appropriate protective gloves when cleaning your wax heater or work area.
  3. Know your wax. Some waxes can be cleaned up with water, most require an oil to break them down.
  4. Follow the cleaner with an appropriate disinfectant product. Apply disinfectant to a disposable applicator and use this to wipe down exterior of the heater unit including knobs.
  5. Always follow state and federal infection control guidelines. We can’t see what CAN hurt us or our clients.



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Warranty Information

SafeHeat/Professionals Choice offers a 1 year warranty. This link describes the coverage and how to contact them: https://www.professionalschoicesp.com/warranty
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