Cirepil 800g Intimate 4 Refill Wax Beads - Case of 12

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Case of 12 Intimate 4 800g Beads

Intimate 4 was designed to address the special needs of Brazillian waxing. A disposable depilatory stripless wax which works on all hair types especially resistive hair.  Ideal for intimate areas because of its ingredients that help to calm and soothe.  Desensitizing ingredients make Brazillian waxing more comfortable for those with a low pain threshold.  Dermal protectives, antibactiral and anitirritants help prevent redness, bumps and skin irritation post waxing.   It has a smooth creamy texture that is easy to work with.  It applies easily with quick set-up that makes it great for Brazillians, male or female. It does not require a thick application which makes it very cost effective to use.

Active Ingredients/Properties

CICASEPTICALM Complex = Desensitizing, Anti-irritation, Antibacterial, Calming
Coconut Oil = Moisturizing & Softening
Rosemary Extract = Antimicrobial
Sunflower Seed Oil = Skin Conditioning


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