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  • Keeping it Tidy

    Keep it Tidy  - It says you are a pro

    There is nothing that is more disgusting than a dirty, messy wax pot...except maybe double-dipping.  It sends the wrong message to your clients. 

    The biggest problem seems to be not taking the 2 minutes between clients to touch it up and keep it looking pristine.  If this is done the job stays small and every client gets the message that you care and he/she is important to you.

    Here are some tips to make the job simple.
    Always use a wax collar, it will catch most drips. Just pop it off and replace it for a fresh clean look. Quick, easy, makes you look like a pro.

    1. Use the right cleaner. Cirepil Ease can be cleaned up either with hot water or a wax pot cleaner.
    2. Most waxes need something to break them down - an oil.
    3. Cirepil suggests using a combination of ½ pre-depilatory oil and 1/2 blue lotion.
    4. Always turn your wax pot OFF and allow it to cool to where it is just warm. Use precautions to prevent getting burned. If your pot is cold - either turn it on just to get it warm or use a blow dryer to warm it.  Wear gloves for the cleaning process to prevent spreading germs and protect your hands from the wax and cleaners.
    5. Put some of the oil/blue lotion blend on a folded paper towel and apply it to the area needing to be cleaned.  Let it sit for 1-2 minutes and then remove it with either the paper towel or a piece of non-woven strip.  (Non-woven strips are lint-free!)
    6. If you have a larger area that needs to be cleaned or floor spill - you need straight oil and a special cleaner - an IPA Solvent. 
      IPA stands for isopropyl alcohol.  It dissolves natural resins, oils, alkaloids, and gums. WEAR GLOVES designed for cleaning (not your waxing gloves), and work in a well-ventilated area!!  You don’t want to be handling IPA or breathing it. It is a fire hazard so make sure there are no open flames or cigarettes being lit where you are working.
      Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes have 60-70% IPA in them. You could try one of these in a pinch.  Industrial grade cleaners have up to 99% of IPA. You may be able to find one of these at a retail outlet like Walmart.
       If your treatment room isn’t well ventilated, take the heater to another area for cleaning.
      Apply the oil first and let it stand to soften the wax for 2-3 minutes. Remove and apply the IPA cleaner. Let it sit until the wax is completely softened and remove with a paper towel or non-woven fabric like a section of a wax strip.
    7. Another technique that you can find online is to use an oil like eucalyptus + a small amount of water.  

    Cautions:  Always pre-test your cleaner on a small inconspicuous place on your heater. Some cleaners could damage or lift paint or mar the finish of the heater.

    NEVER use acetone to clean your heater. Acetone is known to mar finishes and degrades plastics.

    If you have other suggestions...we’d love to share them!

    Happy Waxing!!!

  • Use the keys of Know, Like and Trust to build long term client relations

    Guests and Prospects Need to Know, Like and Trust You...

    In every aspect of our lives, we thrive on connections.

    Everyone seeks to connect with others. Despite being in the midst of our modern population, we feel more disconnected than ever before.  We seek to connect with others “like us.” People who share our interests, needs and understand our deeper desires.

    If we want to connect with them, we have to help them feel we are safe to interact with and do business with.  That means they need to get to know us, like us and most importantly, trust us.  They have to feel we have something they need. They have to feel we will stand behind our words, our promises and have their best interests at heart.

    If they’ve never heard of you, they need, in those very critical first seconds that you might be able to help them in some way.  They need to get the impression you aren’t there to rip them off.

    For women shopping in spa and beauty, they need to feel they are staying desirable.  They want to feel secure and competitive in their career, social and personal situations.  A lot of that boils down to self-confidence and self-image.

    How do we do that?

    Humans have been making those decisions instantaneously for thousands of years.  It was necessary for survival.  If someone came to the entrance of your cave, you had to determine who they were quick.  Maybe a friendly tribesman, an enemy tribe wanting to conquer you or maybe a hungry wild animal.

    You needed to invite them in or prepare to fight.

    Even though we no longer face saber-tooth tigers, the instincts are still there running on autopilot.

    We judge by what we see/read.  Images, words, arrangement and if all the messages we take in feel right. If there are incongruities…we immediately have our guard up…danger, danger.

    Can you think of an example that immediately puts your guard up?

    • How about the proverbial used car salesman? 
    • Or there's those “robo”-calls? 
    • What's your reaction to someone that comes across threatening or sleazy?  

    Remember the Cher song, “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves”? She was born in the wagon of a traveling show. Her Grandpa sold bottles of “medicine.” Her Mama serviced the men at night.

    People used them, but they didn’t like or trust them. There was no connection, no friendship, no loyalty… it was only basely transactional. They probably insulted or ignored them the next day, if they ever saw them again.

    You don’t want people to feel that way about you or your product/service. To get the right message across you must consider your total image and how you establish the connection.

    Step 1 - Be a safe haven

    You want to stand out as a safe haven for your prospects.  In every way you interact with them, you need to first… make all messages match.  Congruity of style and content is crucial to creating that feeling of safety with you.
    Make yourself easy to find.  If they can’t find your business or your web page… you’re not really in business.

    Make it easy for them to communicate with you.  Nothing puts people off quicker than a website, social media post or email that doesn’t let them contact you EASILY!

    Put contact information out there so they see you are a “real” company.  It’s amazing how many companies don’t offer a phone number or even a general location. In spa and wellness... you need an address and phone "above the fold."

    Many special offers end on Friday or Saturday.  Imagine yourself in your prospect’s position.  You want to take advantage of the offer, but you have questions. And there is no one to answer their questions on weekends or even normal Friday business hours.

    I had this happen recently.  I wanted, no needed the product.  But the special offer they sent me didn’t populate on the order form. There was no way to get it and their offices were closed at 3PM CST.  That’s one in the afternoon here on the west coast.  I went ahead and placed the order and messaged them.
    Never got a contact back nor any offer of helping me out.  They probably won’t get a second chance because my trust factor plummeted.

    Educate them about your product and how it can help them. “Infotainment,” should be easy to read, friendly, informal, but backed up with good solid proof so they feel validated in a buying decision. Whether it is a product or service it should focus on the benefits to the buyer...

    Introduce your team and let them build confidence in your brand and who is there to take care of them. Share success stories and real customer testimonials.  People believe what other people share.
    Offer them something in a way they see real value for taking their time to consider it.

    The more you educate and share value, the more they build trust with you. The more they trust you, the more they will open up and want to buy.

    Step 2 – Consistency of messages

    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your website, sales letters, blogs, articles, or email…They should all project the same tone and feeling.

    Think of it this way.  You met a nice person and enjoyed time with them over coffee.  The initial connection came out really well and you decided to go out to dinner.  When you met them for dinner, they looked and acted like a very different person.  Dress, language, image all nothing like your coffee friend.
    Your warning bells would be going off like crazy.

    It’s the same thing in our relationships with customers and prospects.  We need to present consistency to build our credibility with them in order to help them know like and start trusting us. And as returning customers, we need to get the support that is the hallmark of every good business.

    If you want to see a great example…look no farther than Disney.  They have built these factors in spades.  Every connection in person or otherwise sends the same message, friendly, warm, inviting, genuine. You know them, like them and trust them to deliver.

    Every new touchpoint we create with the prospects needs to carry on the same theme. Know, like and trust me. I can help you and I will stand behind what I say.

    How good are your know, like and trust factors? Think they are great?  Wonderful.

    Not sure how you stand?  Message me and we can take a quick look and evaluate. If necessary, tweak them to enhance your KLT factors.
    Judith@jculpcreativecopy.com. www.jculpcreativecopy.com.

  • Vegan wax supplies?

    Vegan Products?

    We've recently been getting an occasional question regarding vegan waxing products. I chatted with Perron Rigot, USA, and YES!  they do have a number of vegan-friendly products.

    So what makes a product vegan... or non-vegan?
    Vegans eat and choose products that are only plant derived. No fish, poultry, dairy or meat. No eggs, milk or honey, (product of bees which are an animal).
    Vegans also want to make sure there was no animal testing being done with these products. 

    The good news...most cosmetic companies stopped animal testing decades ago. But laws are now being enacted to ban animal testing. 

    Cirepil products are ALL cruelty-free! They don't do any animal testing anywhere. 

    So which products are vegan?  Drum roll please... and here you go..

  • Coconut Oil

    Is Coconut Oil Right for YOU?

    Every few months we see news of the latest ingredient. Coconut oil is the latest on the news But how
    do you know it is the right or even safest ingredient for YOU?
    They hire great marketing agencies to tout their new product… one they have invested a lot to develop.  But there is a gap between the market hype and consumer best choice. Here’s my insider scoop on what you’re being sold.
    There are two different type of product companies.  Those who develop blends to solve different problems. And those who base all of their products on a KEY ingredient.  Right now that ingredient is coconut oil.

    But is coconut oil right for you?

    Coconut oil is a tropical oil obtained from the nut of a palm tree. The jar of coconut oil in your cupboard validates that this oil solidifies at room temperature.
    In comedogenicity tests that date back to the 1960s which are the gold standard for products produced since, it was shown to be a comedogenic ingredient – meaning those oils tend to clog pores. If you are using a product with coconut oil in it and noticing more breakouts…it’s probably your product.
    If it is only on your skin temporarily, as in a makeup remover, it’s probably fine.  But it shouldn’t be left on your skin.  People who use it as a hair conditioner should keep an eye on scalp or hairline breakouts it could trigger.
    If you bleach or color your hair or it is weather damaged from time in the sun, coconut oil might be a fine conditioner, but try to keep it off your scalp.
    If you have fine, thin, dry, sensitive skin, you might be okay with it.  But a product with jojoba oil might be a better choice.  It is an ingredient that doesn’t solidify at room temperature.  Its comedogenicity rating is nil.  It actually has the ability to emulsify sebum so helps acne clients rather than aggravates their skin.
    So when the next…newest and greatest ingredient shows up in marketing…save yourself some money.  Investigate the ingredient first to see how it might work with your skin.
    If you need help trying to sort through all the products on the market and their hype…speak to a trained qualified esthetician who has taken the advanced classes to help you make smart decisions.

  • 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Holidays

    Plan to de-stress...

    The winter holiday season can mean you're super busy not only at work but at home. Did you know we women are more prone to depression than men are? And the winter season with shorter periods of daylight can bring on depression.

    Research studies have shown death rates peak in December and January across the US, regardless of what part of the country you live in. Stress is a key part of those numbers.

    There are dozens of ways to make holidays less stressful, but here are 5 easy favorites.

    1.  Dump the expectations!
    It's super easy to take on more than even Wonder Woman could accomplish. Think about the things that are your favorite parts of the holidays and focus on those.  Delete those things that create more angst for you.  

    If that means cutting out long-distance travel, do it.  If it means buying cookies for an event instead of baking them...do it.  
    If work gets stressful and overwhelming with clients asking for extra hours...set boundaries and stick to them.  
    If it means limiting your social engagements to a "doable" level, that's a good thing.
         2. Make it a family team effort.

    Get the kids and spouse involved. Delegate so everyone gets a part of the workload and more engaged in the fun. Delegate set priorities and simplify.

    Make NEW traditions that focus on involvement, relaxing and having fun.  

    If that means less decorating or less than perfect decorating or gift-wrapping...go for it.  
    Maybe it means getting a grip on the spending and setting limits on the quantity and price of purchases.  

    Maybe it means teaching kids the benefits of helping others.  One less gift for themselves and the opportunity to pick out something for someone less fortunate.

         3. Get active...

    When we get busy and stressed, often the first thing to go is the exercise routine. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise makes a huge difference. Take the kids and the dogs and get out in the fresh air for a walk.

    Weather too lousy for outdoors? Walk at the mall. Or move exercise into your living or family room. Kids love games and videos - dig out the PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or Nintendo. There are great exercise games available for all of them. Let everyone join in and it becomes playtime.
    Studies have shown video exercise games are just as effective as a gym workout or a 30-minute walk.

         4. Start early 

    If you wait until the last minute, it will always be more stressful. Starting early can make all the difference. Shop early, bake early (and freeze), and decorate in stages. If you mail out cards or write a holiday letter... get them ready to go now.

    My personal favorite part of this is shopping. When we go on vacation...regardless of what time of year that is, I look for gifts that the recipient will love and allow them to share something from our experience. Be sure to put them where you'll be able to find them months later and label them with the recipient's name.

         5. Entertaining? Get guests involved.

    Instead of trying to do it all, make it a potluck and let each guest contribute. Guide them with choices so you get a nice diversity not six of the same thing. To minimize party stress, keep it relaxed and casual.

  • Tips to Grow Your Profits

     P= S-E
     PP = S-E
    This formula is all about your business success. Work the formula and you'll have amazing profits. Ignore it and your business can go under quicker than you ever imagined.

    It's a simple formula - one I can't take credit for. But I've seen it in action over and over and it's never wrong.

    P= S-E stands for profits equals sales minus expenses. Sound simple enough? It is, but there are tons of business out there who are failing because they ignore the equation. Others struggle along unsure why they are having so much trouble. Let's look at it.

    P for Profits isn't the amount of money you bring in. It's the amount you have left over after you've paid out all your expenses.

    S = Sales or revenues. It's all the ways you bring money into your business. Product sales, services, training - whatever you offer. You can make more money by generating more sales.

    E = Expenses. This is the magic area that makes or breaks you. If you can control or reduce expenses you increase your profit margin. Many businesses do things in an expensive way - or a non-profitable way. You want to maximize sales and minimize expenses. If your expenses are greater than your sales - you may have lots of money coming in, but you're not making any money. You may actually be bleeding it out.

    So how do you control expenses? Starting at the beginning is the easiest. When you build your business right with a profitable strategy plan, it will flourish.  
    If you already have a business but see a low-profit margin it will be harder... but it's not impossible to fix.

    Here are some considerations:

    • Location - Is your rent/lease going to eat all your profits? Is there a way to control or reduce it?
    • Pricing - Price products and services based on your location and the kind of client you want to appeal to. If you're looking at a high-end location but a budget or modest client base that's a giant red flag. Either raise your prices or change your location.
    • Labor - staff is your most expensive overhead. Don't add more staff members until the existing staff cannot keep up with the demand. Book farther out instead of adding more staff. Make sure your pay scale is within your budget. You may need to nudge prices up to make labor costs fit into your cost-of-goods-sold formula.
    • Consider virtual assistants or freelancers for bookkeeping, web related work, or legal services. They have their own office space, supplies and equipment. And you only pay them for services rendered.
    • Be very aware of marketing costs. Marketers are always happy to help you. You need to know where/how clients find you and focus on those. People get duped into adding every paid form of web support out there: Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc... It gets expensive fast.
    • Focus on evergreen content. This is marketing information you can use, cross-post and re-use.
    • Consider investing in a Key Message Copy Platform. This document provides you with a diversity of customized messages. It may include articles, emails, etc that you can implement into your marketing. You buy it once and can use and re-use.
    • What will it do for me? Ask yourself this for any upgrade or purchase. How will it enhance your profit margin? A fancy new home office isn't going to do a thing to bring more clients in your door.


    Focus on building the sales and controlling the expenses. The enhanced profits will surprise and delight you.

  • Skin Microbiome Divulges Secrets Behind Skin Problems

    Clients with Sensitive skin?

    The study of the skin's microbiome is revealing fascinating new information. Research that may allow manufacturers to create targeted products that make a difference.

    Most of us are seeing more and more clients with sensitive skin. Redness, dryness, breakouts, irritation and increased reactions to products. The skin's microbiome may be the answer.

    So what is the skin's microbiome? The top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum is our barrier of defense. It has the job of keeping the outside world out, and our inside system protected. When we wound it... burns, cuts, abrasions, harsh chemicals, over-exfoliation), we run the risk of an infection. But the "why" is a little more complex.

    The surface of the skin doesn't exist in a vacuum. Research shows it's covered with several hundred various microorganisms. These include bacteria, yeasts, fungi. Some of these are healthy, some are disruptive if given the opportunity. They share space with fatty acids, moisture levels, temperature levels and genetic material. What is there, depends on the body area.

    They call these microorganisms environmental species. When they live harmoniously with each other and cooperate with our skin functions... the skin is healthy.

    Healthy skin works well. It has good autoimmune defenses. It repairs itself. We see and feel smooth texture, good hydration and proper skin turnover.

    Scientific studies reveal when there is an imbalance... the function of the microbiome goes haywire. An excess of one of the organisms can trigger this. Or there could be an invasion by a bad bacteria. Weather changes or moving to a different part of the country can disrupt it.

    Internal factors like aging, hormonal changes, diet or stress disrupt it. The result...acne, dry skin, redness, irritations, and sensitivites.

    No two people have identical skin microbiomes. Just like fingerprints and DNA, we are all unique. There is no microbiome necessary in the womb. It starts development at birth. Research has shown that even "how" you are born makes a difference. It makes a difference whether you are a normal vaginal delivery or a C-section. This sets up your microbiome for life both internally and externally.

    The new findings mean it may be possible to affect the skin's microbiome. We'll read about technologies to influence skin health and keep the microbiome balanced. Digital skin evaluation tools are constantly evolving. Used together this could lead to customized topical products.

    It's an exciting time. And the beauty therapy industry is aligned to be at the epicenter of these changes. Watch for new products designed to protect and care for the skin's microbiome. We'll guide clients to healthier skin and they'll love us for it.

    Want to read the nitty-gritty scientific details?  Visit this government health website: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3535073/

  • Are Your Towels Ending Up in the Food Chain?

    The war to protect our oceans seems to be coming to our laundry rooms...

    Who knew those wonderful super soft microfiber towels we bought for our spas would end up with their fibers in the ocean and inside seafood?  UGH!

    And they're being found in all sorts of other fabric blends. Research taught me that there is no perfect fabric fiber.  Everyone has a different tradeoff or cost tagged to it. But there is a bright side!!!  They are finding ways to reduce the problem. Here are some key tips I learned from Patagonia's research and Google searches.

    Shocking news: One study found that a single fleece jacket could shed as many as 250,000
    individual fibers per wash.

    Starting with the fabric industry Patagonia is leading the way... looking at all the different places where water and soil contamination can occur and how to reduce it. You're going to see washer manufacturers get involved and lots more.

    Key takeaways you can use now:

    1. Cheaper products shed more and don't last as long.  Avoid cheap poorly made fabric.

    2. Quality products last longer and shed less over time so a win-win. Buy quality.

    3. Wash less often. Especially outerwear. Try spot cleaning before you resort to the washing machine.

    4. Invest in a front loading washer. In tests, a jacket washed in a top-loader shed about seven times more microfibers.

    5. Companies like Guppy Friend now sell fiber collecting bags to wash microfiber garments in.
    You can find them online and soon in local stores.

    6. Consider having a septic-safe permanent washing machine filter installed.

    7. Try a Cora Ball. (Currently online but expanding.) It duplicates the action of coral in the ocean. Put it in the washer with your clothes and it collects microfibers too small for you to see. 
    Easy to use and clean. Be sure to put the fibers in a covered trash so they can't float off in the
    air. (Tip do not use with anything lacy or that has fringe or spagetti straps!) Clean only when the collected lint is large enough to easily grab.

    8. Cold water washes with fabric softener in a front-loader generate the least fiber loss.

    Please join in, the environment needs our help.

  • Let's fight melanoma!

    They've found us... and want our help!

    All those who are licensed in our state recently got an email from Oregon Health Sciences University, (OHSU).  

    The dermatology department recognized that while they are the doctors... no one sees more skin than we do!  So they reached out to us.

    They want to partner with all of us in an effort to make consumers more aware for cancer prevention.. and early detection.

    They are having a BIG EVENT in Portland on May 19th, and I urge anyone who can make it to attend.  Here's the link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OHSU.Dermatology/

    But... why stop with Oregon?  Let's all help out.
    If you click on the IMAGE it will download the PDF poster.  Print it out and hang it in your reception and or treatment rooms.  Maybe even in the bathroom?  

    Want to take it a step farther?  An app has been created for smartphones to help people identify and track potential problems. It's part of their Mole Mapper Melanoma Study.  You can find that link here.

    Please join us and let's fight melanoma.  Protect your family, protect your clients!

  • Tips to improve your website UX

    12 Tips to Improve Your Website

    Your website is often your first connection with a prospective new client. In today's world, it needs to engage them and get them to take the next step. They might sign up for your newsletter, or schedule an appointment or shop. There are some very important considerations to get them to take that step.

    1. Your website must be guest-centric.

    It must immediately show them how you can help them... from their point of view.
    What problem or need do they have you can solve?  Your website needs enough information to help them understand what you do, how you help and proof that they can trust you.
    It needs to be expressed in customer-focused language that explains the unique benefits of your products and services... a reason to choose you.  Testimonials from former clients, success stories and your credentials are the proof they can trust their decision to contact you.

     2. Invite them to share.

    Invite every visitor to share your site with others and to join your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Make it easy!  The easier you make it, the more people will do it.  Make it clear whether you are taking them to a "follow-you" page, or a share page.

    3. Keep content fresh.

    It's important to keep your content fresh and current. It needs to be topical and timely to their interests and needs. If an event or offer is over... change it. Give the reader a reason to come back for new information... maybe monthly specials or combo offers.

    4. Optimize for mobile.

    Take a look at your website on a tablet and smartphone. How easy is it to read. Can you navigate it EASILY or at all? Can you schedule an appointment? If it's not optimized fix this first. Tracking shows over 65% of page views are now from mobile devices. If you aren't optimized for these views you are losing appointments.

    5. Key information on the top or left.

    Your company name and logo need to go in the upper left-hand corner. When smaller screens crop they crop off the right. Keep important info to the left.
    Tabs for pages need to be across the top or down the left, never on the right. Have enough tabs to do the job but avoid too many choices.  It may be more effective to have some topics clustered under an easily identifiable heading.

    6. Make it easy to connect with you.

    Have an easy way for clients to get more information from you.  An opt-in form to gather their email is essential to guide them through the purchasing or contact you process.  People love to get something free. 
    This makes the easiest way to connect is to offer them free information, a report or other helpful item in exchange for their name and email.  Don’t ask for more than minimal information or you won’t get as many responders.  First, they need to get to know and trust you.
    Your free information should be followed by a series of 3-7 autoresponders that offer them additional useful information.  This is also where you need to connect them to a product or service you have for sale.  Be sure to ask for the purchase.  Once this series is set up, it will work for you while you focus on the clients.

    7. About you

    This tab is essential but often misunderstood.  Its focus should be on what you can do to help them…not a brag sheet about you.  Credentials are important proof that are included to show you have the background to do what you say you can do.  Keep it focused on the client.

    8. Shopping cart...

    If you have a shopping cart, place its access button on the upper right-hand side. Do a test order to make sure it is easy to do on a cell phone or tablet. It's also valuable to make sure it functions well for both ios and android systems and on a desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

    9. Navigation

    Group similar items together and place pages in a logical order guiding them forward. You want to help them get acquainted with you, build trust, show your problem solutions and ask them to book. Use page names that clearly state content. Clever names may be confusing. Confusion leads to clicking off your site.

    10. Graphics

    Images should show experiences, people having a fabulous time. Empty rooms are not as inviting and don't communicate what they will feel when there. Photos should always relate to the content, not be filler. Make sure their size is appropriate and not slowing down the load time.

    11. Animation / videos

    Avoid flash. It slows down loading and people also click off. iPads don't support flash so it will be invisible to the visitor. If you have any animation or video it should always default to the off position. Let viewers have the option of playing it. Have a clear PLAY button. Even better offer a MUTE button for sound... you never know where they are when visiting you. Sounds may not be appropriate.

    12. SEO

    Many websites foundations like WordPress help you with this via a specific plug-in. But, you want to make sure your tech team has the behind-the-scenes elements are in place. Tags, keywords, title lengths, and alt tags are all key elements so search engines will help clients find you. Make sure any keywords/key-phrases are ones your guests would use in searching.

    All of your website components should work to get the viewer to take action. You want them to book or call. Help them see the great experience they will have with you. Let them meet the friendly team who will be caring for them. Make choosing you their best possible decision. Easy, smart, a no-brainer.

  • Skip the Resolutions

    Skip the Resolutions... try this instead

    Every year millions of us make resolutions designed to make our lives better. Every year, most of
    those resolutions get abandoned. Not because we didn't want them. Some are unrealistic, others not measurable.

    If you're like me, maybe those resolutions try to achieve too much, too fast. A few months into the year with at least one of those resolutions missed, we simply forget the rest.

    This year, try something different. I've found it works much better and is easier to stick with.

    Instead of resolutions, try goals.
    These goals create a plan that's designed to ensure success. These aren't just any goals... they are SMART goals.

    SMART is an anacronym for five things that make a goal strong... Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time-bound.

    SMART goals clarify your ideas and focus your efforts so you have a better chance at achieving them... and getting the rewards you want.

    SMART goals meet five criteria:

    Specific... Your goal must be clear and specific. Not that you want to make more money next year. Instead, set a goal to add 5 new clients per month for repeat services. Maybe they buy a package of treatments or services and get a bonus.

    Measurable... Your goal should be measurable by an explicit quantity. It can be in dollar amounts, percentages or number of clients. The example above includes a specific number of clients and a package each would buy. The revenue from the package gives us a specific dollar amount.

    Action-Oriented... It must be achievable, realistic and not overly ambitious. Winning $100K in Vegas is not an attainable, actionable goal. But winning five new clients each buying a package each month is.

    Realistic... Five new clients each month buying the designated package may be aggressive. But it is possible. Landing five clients each week is not as realistic. Some months or weeks you might manage it, but keep it attainable and enjoy the bonuses.

    Time-bound... You need a fixed starting and ending date, or something done over a specific period of time. Consider 30, 60, 90, or 180 days time frames. A goal of five new clients in 30, or if you choose, 60 days is specific and a SMART goal.

    Once you have defined your smart goal.... write it down. Put it on your calendar. Post it on your bathroom mirror.

    Next break your goal into small objectives.

    To achieve your goal may need little steps that will take you closer to your goal. Write down these objectives in the order they need to be completed and assign each one a deadline... put them on your calendar.

    Let's use our five new clients with a special five treatment package. Do you know how to perform that treatment? If so, great. If not... that becomes objective number one and needs a specific deadline.

    The next objective might be... How are you going to bring these new clients in? Are you going to email clients who have gone dormant?

    Are you going to target specific groups in your area who might like that specific treatment? Will you visit them and do a presentation? Invite them in for a private event? Join a networking group? Are you going to do a social media promotion? What, how, when. Be specific and put it on your calendar.

    What can you offer?

    Are you a wax diva? Do you specialize in Cirepil wax experiences? Maybe you avoid being the cheap quicky waxer that send clients out the door red and sticky.

    Lash specialist? A peel queen? Is microdermabrasion is your thing. Your package will be most effective if it relates to what makes you unique. You need to be special from everyone else out there. Your package needs to be something that will catch their attention.

    It doesn't matter what kind of calendar you use. A wall calendar, a desk calendar, your cell phone calendar. I use Google Calendar. You just need to identify each step, give it a deadline and get it posted.

    Make sure your calendar is easily accessed. Check your tasks every day and your objectives every month to make sure you are on track. If you need to adjust a deadline, do it. But don't let yourself make excuses for not sticking to your plan.

    What SMART goal will you achieve in 2018?

    Take some time today to think about it, write it down. Note the objectives it will take to achieve it. Remember to make your goal SMART: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound.

    Take some time this week to jump-start your year. Set one goal, start at least one action toward achieving your goal. Don't let time slip away and months pass by leaving your dreams in the dust.

    What is one thing you can do right now to jump-start your year? I hope you have an incredible 2018!!!!

  • Time to Think Pink

    It's October... Time to Think Pink!!

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's a great time to share information, get involved or offer a fund-raising Think Pink waxing day.

    The National Breast Cancer Awareness website has some great ways you can help. They also have a free download you can print out and share with your clients.

    Every woman needs to know about breast cancer and what they can do to protect themselves. Breast cancer doesn't care about your age. It can happen in your 30s , 50s or 70s. Or anywhere between or beyond.

    Schedule a Think Pink waxing day!
    • Decorate the clinic with a pink theme.
    • Serve some pink frosted cookies, cupcakes or candy.
    • Have fun and feature one of Cirepil's pink waxes.
    • Have a pink decorated jar and collect client donations to help the cause.
    • Contact your local American Cancer Society. Ask if they have handouts you can give clients.
    • Let them know you will be donating a percentage of waxing services that day.
    • Send an eblast out to your clients asking for their help, generate excitement.
    • Start scheduling appointments.
    • Get the word out on social media! Post on your Facebook page and add it to your website.
    • Don't forget Pinterist and Instagram!
    • Post the event on free local online event calendars!
    • Send a message to your local paper, radio stations and TV --- you are a local business trying to help others.

    There are some great YouTube videos on the Breast Cancer Awareness website. Include a link to one in your marketing and social media. It helps clients connect with the stories and the women struggling to survive.

    They also have both Facebook and Twitter pages you can share.
    The day of your event don't forget to take pictures of all the fun you're having. They are great to post on social media.

    People like to support businesses that help others. Have fun and show off the caring side of your business. You never know what will happen when educating and sharing. You might be saving a life.

    What are you doing for Breast Cancer Awareness month?  Send us a message, we'd love to hear.

  • Wax like a boss part 4

    A Client Etiquette Guide can build your waxing success.  
    Happy waxing
    We are the professionals and our clients depend on us for guidance. Many waxing Divas have found these tips speed up the service, create better client experiences and prevent treatment room surprises.  You may want to make a guest handout that covers the following so the client will know what to expect.

    1) Remind them to hydrate  
     When we are hydrated, the skin is more plumped and hair removal is easier. You might want to consider mini-bottles of water. Or set up a cooler with water, ice and sliced fruit for a refreshing summer treat. If this is on their Etiquette Guide, they can prepare ahead and drink more water.

    2) Cleansing wipes for every bikini/brazilian client
    We can't control what the client has been doing before they came in for their wax. Nor can we control what they may not have thought of.  But we can solve the issue by having individual personal wipe packets that can be discretely handed to every intimate waxing client upon check in. Invite them to use the restroom and freshen up. This will speed up the service as you won't have to stand and wait for them to take care of this on their way back to your room.

    3) Remind them not to shave between services. 
    This will cause more breakage or hairs that are too short for removal and a less successful treatment. If it is obvious that they didn't follow this guide, be sure to gently remind them of the probable issues.

    4) Try to schedule visits for immediately following their period.
    This is the most comfortable time for waxing. The current guidelines are if a client does come in for waxing but is on their period it's okay to wax them.  It may be a little more uncomfortable but for busy waxers, it really can mess wit the work schedule.  They may have to wait two weeks or more to get back in.  On the etiquette sheet include instructions to please insert a fresh tampon prior to waxing and to be sure the technician knows so they can avoid catching the string.

    5) Remind client to avoid pools or hot tubs for 24 hours.  
    This reduces the risk for any bacteria entering the freshly waxed skin. Note: this should include rivers and lakes or public water sources.

    6) Exfoliate regularly at home
    Regular exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hair problems.  If clients are prone to ingrown hairs suggest they purchase an ingrown hair treatment product.

    May these secrets add to your personal success. Go wax like a Diva!!!

  • Wax like a boss Part 1

    4 Tips to avoid waxing reactions

    Waxing like a boss is about choosing great products, offering more than the client expects, lots of practice and building the confidence to stay in control of whatever happens in the treatment room.
    In this issue, let's talk about treatment room control of skin reactions.

    When winter mellows, spring reaches out with bright promises and lovely blooms.
    If your clients are anything like mine... spring also seems to bring on more skin sensitivities.  
    • Redness
    • Itching
    • Burning sensations or "hot" skin
    All can be symptoms of spring pollen allergies. Allergies can show up at any time.  Most often we develop them over a long period of time. Clients who never had any sensitivities can suddenly react unexpectedly.

    Milder temperatures have the forsythia blooming, trees blossoming and unseen pollens lurking in the air.  Just going for a walk or a bike ride can be enough to make the skin more reactive.  Maybe the client noted itchy eyes or a runny nose and started taking an antihistamine.  They don't think to mention this to us. Then they react differently to a wax that normally gives them no problem at all.

    Here are four tips to help avoid a surprise reaction.

    1. If the skin looks inflamed in the area to be waxed - reschedule.  Never wax over inflammation. Clients may fuss but be that boss waxer and do what you know is best for the client. Have them seek medical advice and get the problem under control before waxing.

    2. Make sure you have a hypoallergenic wax with anti-inflammatories warm and ready to go. 
    Cirepil recommendations: Vegetal, Cristal Ocean, Nacre Blanche, and Cristalline. Intimate 4 has calming agents and anti-irritants but is not labeled hypoallergenic.

    3. When clients come in be sure to ask them about any health changes that they are experiencing. I casually ask, "so how you doing with all these pollens out there?"  A simple question like this can tip you off to potential problems. 

    4. Use the Cirepil Blue Lotion before and after every wax. It has a gentle formula. The low alcohol content disinfects without irritation.  Organic cornflower hydrates and soothes the skin. 
    After waxing and wiping the area down with Blue lotion apply Cirepil After Wax Refreshing Gel. Enriched with grape leaf extract and honey it imparts a sense of coolness, calms and soothes the skin.

     Here's to happy waxing and great client experiences!  Now go be that boss waxer...

  • Wax like a boss Part 2

    Select the right wax...

    Waxing like a boss is about selecting the right wax for each client's needs. It's about offering more than the client expects. It requires lots of practice. And it's about building confidence and professional customer rapport.

    Let's talk about wax selection.  Cirepil makes lots of different waxes so you can have the just right one to match with each client's unique needs. But selecting the right wax can get confusing.

    Cirepil's waxes form two groups, strip, and non-strip 
    or stripless.

    Strip waxes:
    • Always come in a tin.
    • You apply the wax, press a strip on top of it and remove with as low an angle as possible.
    • Are great for large areas.
    Crystal Ocean is a beautiful pale blue transparent gel formula. It is great for sensitive skin and all hair types. This hypoallergenic formula is good for speed waxing.
    Cirepil Ease is the classic original although the formula got an update last year. It's a creamy formula that works well on fine hair and speed waxing.
    Cirepil Forte is for tough resistant hair. Forte means "strong" in French. This honey textured wax is designed for large areas.
    Nacre Blanche is a pearly white unscented formula. Great for all skins including sensitive. It works particularly well for short coarse hair.
    Cirepil Vegetale is a 100% plant based formula. This makes it the perfect choice for "green" salons wanting an all natural product. It works on all skin and hair types.

    Stripless waxes:
    • Come in beads you can add to your tin as needed.
    • Only the blue is available also in a tin.
    • Empty tins are available here: http://www.estheticsnw.com/products/empty_wax_tin_400g.htm
    • The wax is applied leaving a lip at the pulling edge and removed without a strip.
    • Great for faces, underarms, bikini and Brazilian
    Cirepil Blue is our most popular stripless wax. It is suitable for all skin and hair types. It is an all around formula that allows you time to work with it.
    Cirepil Homme means "man" in French. This deep aquamarine wax is great for chest, back and bikini. Has an ultra-fluid texture and neutral scent. Handles their sensitive skin and resistive hair.
    Cirepil Eurose is an unscented wax suitable for all skin and hair types. It's creamy, goes on at a low temperature and gets all the hair.
    Cirepil Cristalline is a hypoallergenic wax for sensitive skins. Delicate orange sherbert color it works on fine and all hair types.
    Intimate 4 is a pale aqua colored bead. It works for all skin types and formulated for Brazilian waxing. A creamy formula, it has a quick setup time for quicker waxing.
    Euroblonde is newer to the US market but the number one wax in Europe. Cirepil recommends it for all areas. Good for heavy legs, bikinis, and large areas. It has a very quick setup and fluid honey like texture. Suitable for speed waxing. Can apply in long strips for large body areas.
    Cirepil Cashmere is a brand new stripless wax.  Made of a new patented high-performance material it is hypoallergenic and optimize hair removal. Smooth texture, pearly mauve color, delicate non-allergen powdery scent. Precise removal with reinforced effectiveness. Good for first time waxing, sensitive skins, and young adults.

  • Wax like a boss - Part 3

    Waxing like a boss is about monitoring and increasing your wax service profits.

    Waxing services can be a highly profitable segment of your income.And they are especially popular as we move into summer. Everyone wants to look their beach body best... gals and guys.

    To help make sure you are maximizing your profits Cirepil created a return on investment chart. It shows you typical cost per area to do the waxing and then based on what you charge, your profitability. 

    Did you know that you can get 100 brow waxes out of one 400 gram tin of wax?  And your cost is only $0.67! Low fees for a brow wax run $10.00, moderate $15.00 and higher end $20.00.  Your profits for those 100 brows ranges from $933 to $1933 and it only takes about 10 minutes per client.

    Here are 6 tips to maximize your waxing profits...

    1)      Larger bags reduce cost per gram.
    The MSRP on a 400-gram bag of Blue is $21.50 this comes out to 0.0538/gram. If you buy the 800-gram bag of blue at MSRP $38.80 the price drops to 0.0485/.gram. Or for the 3750-gram bag, the MSRP at $149.00 the price reduces to 0.0397/gram. 
    If you take advantage of product specials the price again reduces per gram. Ordering by the case drops the price even more.

    2)      Quantity purchases reduce shipping costs.
    Esthetics NW ships at a flat rate fee of $8.50. If you buy multiple bags in the same order, you cost per bag including shipping drops.

    3)      Evaluate your pricing.
    Cirepil uses typical pricing for clinics who charge "low", "moderate" or "high" fees. If you are a moderate or upscale clinic charging what a "budget" facility does - it's time to give yourself a raise. It doesn't take much of a price bump to make a significant difference in your bottom line.

    4)      Price based on wax choice.
    If you prefer to use a non-strip wax only, keep in mind that larger body areas need to be priced accordingly. It is going to take more time and wax to do legs with a non-strip wax than a strip wax. Charge more. 
    This is not a new concept. Back in the 90s, people who were specializing in no-strip waxes for full legs were charging twice as much. It costs more to do the service but those with sensitive skins will love the option to be more comfortable.
    Consider using Euroblonde or Cashmere for the larger areas. These two waxes go on more thin and are designed to handle large area waxing.

    5)      Schedule the next visit upon checkout.
    Pre-scheduling helps you keep the client on track making removal predictable and consistent. It also assures them they will get their preferred time-slot. 
    Consider securing all appointments with a credit card to avoid "no-shows".

    6)      Value added services are worth more.
    Cirepil has protocols and promotes making waxing a happy experience. Adding that extra step or two enhances value in the eyes of the client. Most of us would happily pay a little more if we can make waxing more comfortable and successful.

  • April is Rosacea Awareness Month

    Rosacea is a chronic condition that cannot be cured. But treatments can keep the symptoms under control. It most commonly starts as rosy cheeks and nose. Sometimes there are tiny vesicles that should not be extracted. While it can appear at any point in life, it often first shows up in the 30s.

    To know if your rosy cheeks are rosacea, you should have it diagnosed by a doctor. Estheticians can help you keep it under control, but diagnosis is the scope of the physician. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe an oral product. Be sure to let him know of any side effects. Pair this with good professional skin care treatments.

    There are several different levels of rosacea. If it is ignored, rosacea can worsen. Rosy flushed cheeks with some tiny vesicles is the mildest form. Papules and nodules along with the redness is more severe. Occasionally, it can affect an eye. The most severe form causes reddening and enlarging of the nose.

    Once you know you have rosacea the best way to control it is to learn what your triggers are. Triggers are the things that cause it to flare up. It could be stress, heat, spicy or hot foods and many other things. 

    A journal can be your friend. If you note your face feels hotter, redder or breaks out pause. Think about what you have done in the last few hours or previous day. Note this in your journal.
    • If you had four cups of coffee instead of your normal two and you are more flushed... that could be a trigger.
    • Spent the day on the mountains or at the beach... sun/heat could be a trigger.
    • More problems in the summer? Heat could be a trigger.

    There are an almost endless list of possible triggers, so learning what yours are can be invaluable.

    Scientists are still debating the causes behind rosacea. Bacteria, skin inflammation, vaso-dilation, fair skin and genetics are all contributing factors.

    Look for skin care for chronically sensitive skins. Avoid perfumes, harsh stripping ingredients strong chemical peels or abrasive treatments.
    Think calm, sooth, heal.
    • Anti-inflammatories or anti-redness formulas help reduce the red appearance.
    • Calming and soothing ingredients help make your skin more comfortable.
    • Anti-bacterial ingredients help those with combination or oilier skins.
    •  Studies have shown rosemary helps control the demodex mite.
    ·         Hot humid climates can worsen the condition. Be sure to have those calming soothing products on hand.

    • Treat your skin gently. 
    • Avoid extreme heat, showers or saunas. 
    • Learn your triggers and avoid them. 
    • Learn stress management techniques to keep stress levels down. 
    • Work with a skin professional experienced with rosacea to find what works for you. 
    It may take a little practice but those symptoms can be kept at bay and your skin look and feel its best.

  • Hard wax verses soft wax... which is best?

    Waxes come in two choices. Hard waxes and soft waxes.

    Hard waxes come in tins and pellets or blocks. Apply, allow to set, then peel off. No strip allows you to contour application to the anatomy of the body. This is useful for nooks, crannies and that tricky detail work. 

    Hard waxes/ non-strip, generally go on at a lower temperature than a strip wax. This makes them more gentle to sensitive skins and intimate areas.  

    Soft waxes come only in tins. Once warmed, apply then lay a strip on top. Press strip into the wax, then remove.  In most cases soft waxes/strip waxes are applied more thin than non-strip.  

    Strip waxes are best for speed waxing. Apply the over a large area then remove working from one edge of the wax to the other.  

    The super thin application of a strip wax makes it more cost effective for large areas. For those working only with non-strip waxes adjust your pricing. Non-strip wax will take more time and use more wax for large areas.

    A full leg non-strip wax is typically twice the price of a strip wax for the same service. But, if the client has sensitivities, they are happy to have this option.

    Some facilities prefer to use only a strip wax.  This single wax philosophy dates back to the 80s when there weren't the choices that there are today. It makes ordering and stocking simple.  It takes less space in the treatment room.

    But today is about offering more than just a service.  It is about offering a custom experience tailored to the client's needs. Today's clients want choices. Offering a diversity of waxes or wax options is key to happy, repeat customers.

    Size matters. For example, Cirepil Blue MSRP for 400 grams tins are approximately $5.35 per 100 grams.  If you buy the 800 gram size, the price drops to $4.85 per 100 grams. Purchasing the blue in the 3750 gram size, the price drops to $4.00 per 100 grams.  And of course, with your member discount or buying by the case can save you even more.

    If you do a lot of waxing, buying larger sizes will have a definite impact on your bottom line.

    Strip waxes don't come in different sizes.  They are sold in the tin as they would not hold their shape and would melt in hot weather. Look for the opportunity to save money when buying multiple tins, or buy a case.  Yes, the case has a lot of tins in it. Store it in a cool, dry place and there is really no expiration. 

  • Is Your Advertising Working?

    At some point in your business you realize it needs promoting.  You  need to expand your customer base. Grow your revenues. Be able to cover anticipated increases in overhead like rent. 

    You've worked hard at collecting client emails.  You've got people  liking your business on Facebook, Google or Instagram. But if you spend money to bring more people in, how do you know if it is working?  Much of the time, there is no way.  

    Television, newspaper, radio, magazines, local school groups... everyone wants you to advertise with them. It's great to support local, but is it giving you a return on your investment?   Most venues will "increase public awareness", "build brand awareness."  They don't necessarily bring people into the door.  This is general advertising.  

    The goal of general advertising is to leave a mental picture of the business in our head. They hope at some time when we might be in the market for an item, we will think of them.  Like a sexy new car, a comfy new sofa, a repair man when something breaks.  We certainly aren't going to call a repairman when everything is working well.  

    Think of this as seed advertising.  You plant the seeds and hope they will grow and blossom.  But you never really know how well your dollars are working.

    There is another type of advertising you can employ.  Trackable advertising.  A coupon is trackable.  Those codes you enter in to get an online special are trackable.  If no one brings in the coupon, you know that didn't work.  Don't repeat.  Do something different.

    If you have an active business Facebook page, you can do trackable marketing there.  Create a unique offer with a code attached to it.  You can set it up to sell it right from Facebook. And you will know exactly how well it is doing.    Trackable return on your investment. 

    You could also put an offer on Instagram, Yelp or Google. Make it a little different, or use a different code.  You want to know which venue and which offer your clients responded to.  It may take a little testing and tweaking to find what hits your clients' hot button.  But you will have more than seeds of hope. You will know exactly how well your investment is working. Trackable.

  • What Makes You Unique?

    What Makes You Unique?
    This is a question many estheticians and spas can't answer.  But for the success of your business, it's an important thing to figure out.
    Your uniqueness makes you a little different from your competition. It is your Unique Selling Point. It is the basis for your brand.  You can use it for all your marketing.  You can build your business around it. You can use it as a tool to build your business quicker and faster. 
    So what does make you different?  Start with a blank piece of paper. First make a list of what you see as your strengths and weaknesses. Then take another sheet and make a list down the side of competing businesses near you.  Across the top make some columns: offers, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities.
    Visit each business's website and Facebook page.  If they don't have one - that is a weakness. Write no web or no Facebook in the weakness column.  
    What services do they offer? Note these on your chart.  What are their strengths?  Do they have long hours?  Do they work evenings, early mornings? How do clients make appointments? Are they service oriented or experience oriented? Who is their target market? Do they even have one? Make lots of notes.
    Then go back and look at your business.  How do you compare?  What do, or could you do, that they aren't? These are opportunities. Note possibilities in the opportunity column. 
    Is there something no one in your area is offering? Is it something you know clients want? Is it something that could bring them back regularly? You could make this your unique offering.
    Sit down with your favorite hot beverage (it is cold outside for most of us). With a fresh piece of paper, think about the service or part of the industry you are most passionate about. Jot this down.  Is it something you can convert to being unique?  Is it something that will attract clients?  Explore possibilities.
    What kind of client would it attract?  Who are they? Where do they live? What is their age? Male or female? This is your dream client. Maybe you already have one. Describe them in as much detail as you can.  
    How do they find out about you?  Do they read the paper? Facebook? Instagram? Google searches? Are they locals? Visitors? This gives you marketing clues.
    Having trouble figuring it out? Email me. Coaching is what I do. judith@jculpcreativecopy.com.

  • Offer Value Instead of Discounts

    With all the specials and sales out there sometimes our gut reaction to stay competitive is to discount services. This isn't always the best thing for your business.  

    Whether you are a sole practitioner or clinic owner, labor is your most expensive cost. Discounting services can painfully cut into your take home pay. Your net profit on your business.  But there is another way to attract and keep clients. Instead of discounting offer enhanced value.  

    For waxing services make it a treatment, an experience rather than just a wax. Take that extra two or three minutes to prep the skin and to soothe and restore following the wax. Clients will appreciate the extra TLC and they way their skin feels when they leave. 

    With facial treatments you could include the declotte as a bonus, or offer a hand/arm treatment while the client is masking.  Microdermabrasions treatments might include an enzyme therapy for a double exfoliation or a specialty finishing mask.

    You might consider purchasing travel sizes of your favorite body lotion. Apply some of the lotion for the hand/arm treatment and send the rest home with a client.  An added bonus, a value and she/he may love the lotion and purchase the retail size for home care.

    The holidays are a great time to offer gift certificates for specific value added treatments. If you have an iPad or laptop available, create a short video that showcases your special for guests to watch while they wait. 

    Value bonuses not discounts may be your path to holiday marketing.

  • What's in the Future of Spa

    Spas of tomorrow and into the future will be focusing on experiences rather than services. Why? It’s change driven by technology, shifting viewpoints and needs of our clients. 

    More and more we will be using cutting edge technologies. IPads and smart phones are replacing cash registers today.  Tomorrow they will be replacing front desks. Barriers between you and your client will disappear.  You can see it at hotels, restaurants and some boutiques. 

    No desk, no office, no desktop credit card machine. Just an iPad or smart phone with a swipe attachment. Receipts sent via email or text. We see it happening around us in many types of business.

    Appointments are moving off columned paper and onto the computer.  Clients can schedule appointments from their smart phone or laptop, online. It’s frustrating for people to play phone tag with a busy salon receptionist. Instead, they can log in and book online or submit an appointment request.

    ISPA recently shared survey results on the mindset, habits and desires of millennials (1980-1997). Millennials are the up-and-coming group that will take over dominating the economic market as the baby boomers age.

    When it comes to appointment scheduling, 40% still prefer to use the phone. But 39% are now scheduling electronically. Only 17% make their appointments in person.

    The two key things that attract millennials to your spa are stress reduction and indulgence. The two things that discourage them are finding the time and the expense. And 21% were not familiar with the spa environment and/or spa etiquette.

    Millennials love technology. We can use it to educate them in a fun interactive way about what it’s like in the spa. Spa websites and touch screen panels are great for this.

    Touch screen windows allow clients to interact 24/7.  Even when you are closed, they can shop or schedule an appointment. It’s a perfect opportunity to educate those millennials in an entertaining way. 

    Interactive windows engage the client.  Imagine.  It’s after hours. A group of friends who have been out to dinner, head back to their car and walk past your spa.  The interactive window beckons them. They like the look of your place. “Let’s have a spa day!”  They step up and touch the integrated screen. Choices appear. They pick services, day and time. They tap the screen with their credit card. Done.  You have prepaid appointments scheduled even though your spa is closed.

    Touch screen monitors inside the store offer virtual experiences.  Guests can try before they buy.  Some of you may remember in the early 1990's when computers with external cameras and special software allowed a stylist to take an image of the client. The image displayed on the screen.  The stylist could then show the client what she would look like in different hairstyles and colors.

    The new touch screens leap this forward. They capture your image and allow you to try on different garments, makeup, hairstyles or colors with no risk and no use of a changing room. It is part of the new virtual reality.  It's a combination of entertainment, experiences and education.  

    It engages the client. Millennials love interaction on their terms.  Instead of browsing magazines, they can be dreaming of how great they would look “if”.  

    Waiting guests could wander in your reception and retail area and view interactive tablets explaining your fabulous treatments and products.

    To enhance the entertainment experience, more spas are adding beverage bars. Wine bars, brew bars, coffee bars, juice bars. Refreshments create a relaxed environment.  They invite you to stay, hang out. Whether it's beverages or additional refreshments, the goal is the same. Create an awesome client experience.

    Every few decades attitudes and viewpoints shift.  We are in the midst of a transition. The client doesn’t want just a service salon.  They want an experience location.  They aren’t a customer; they are an individually valued guest. They aren’t looking for a service provider. They want a specialist to help fulfill their dreams. Even at the front desk, it won’t be an appointment scheduler or check out staff. It will be a retail consulting specialist.

    The focus will be on the guest. Instead of a menu of generic services, spas will provide personalized guest experiences. This creates a stronger emotional bond. Emotion not logic brings guests in. It also keeps them coming back.  Clients visit to improve self image, feel better about themselves. 

    The new buzz word is beauty from the inside out. Nutritional supplements will take their place on the shelves alongside quality result oriented skin care regimes.  Wellness techniques enhance how people feel and look will be part of the experience. The trendy topic of mindfulness will continue to grow in the spa as an aid to wellness and reducing stress.

    The most popular treatments are not shifting much.  Massage is still the number one request with manicures and pedicures close behind. Facials come in third in requests.

    In their recent survey, iSpa discovered that millennials are changing in how they view spa services. Of the males who had been to a spa in the past year, 52% had a manicure or pedicure. Facials have also shifted. Well over half of the male respondents state they had had a facial at a spa. 

    The survey also explored guest’s wishes.  What would most enhance their spa experience? A comfortable waiting area and showering facilities topped the list.  People need a place to fix themselves up after a treatment before they go out into the public.

    For many women, leaving looking like a mess makes them self-conscious and uncomfortable. That isn’t a good recipe for their return. It’s an opportunity for cross selling.  If you offer hair services in your spa, ask the guest if they would like a shampoo/style after their massage or facial.

    Millennials don't want cookie cutter services.  They want something specialized for them.

    While Millennials agree they need technology time-outs, they will love it if there is complimentary Wi-Fi in the reception area. 

    When the spa experience is caring, welcoming, enhancing to body, mind and spirit, guests leave feeling better about themselves. They won’t forget how we made them feel. That positive emotional bond will bring them back again.

    The good news?  The future is now.  We can build spa experiences today.

  • How's Your Brand Doing?

    Every business has a brand good, bad or mediocre.  Your brand is how people identify you.  Brand is defined as the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies a seller’s goods or services as distinct from others,” according to the American Marketing Association. 
    Your brand identity represents how people see you.  It includes every aspect of your physical set-up.  Location, look, colors, textures, style, sign, font, every detail. How people see you also includes your values, purpose, strengths and passions.  It’s how you communicate those values with others.
    Think of Coca-Cola. Even with your eyes closed, you can see the logo, colors, unique shape of the bottle. But you see a lot more.  You see people, young people having a lot of fun. Coca-Cola is all about fun, socializing and sharing.
    Brands include the emotions your customers feel when they interact with your business.  Sophisticated and professional. Warm and fuzzy. Uplifting and fun.  Think of it as how a customer might describe your business to a friend.
    Corporate branding specialist, Jean-Noel Kapferer created a helpful branding model.  Called the “Brand Identity Prism”, it illustrates six aspects of brand identity. 
    ·         Physique
    ·         Personality
    ·         Culture
    ·         Relationship
    ·         Reflection
    ·         Self-image
    The physical aspect, what we see as we approach and enter.  It also includes logo, design packaging, online space and community.
    The brand’s character. How it communicates to outsiders. Choice of wording, design style, color scheme all are part of this.
    This is the value system and principles your business bases its behavior on. Business structure and organization are closely tied to its culture.
     Refers to the relationship between people that a brand (business) might symbolize. Sisters’ Salon is one example. Super Cuts is a less directly stated relationship. Sports Cuts represents fun, casual friendly relationships.
    This refers to the image of the consumer. If you were to stereotype your ideal customer, create an avatar for them, what would they look like?
    You will have many buyer types. But there is an ideal client. He/she is your top consumer.  Your target group will be broader. Your reflection should focus on this ideal client.
     Self image
    Your ideal client holds this image of him /her self.  You market to this self image. Use it to guide your advertising, social media, brochure appearance and content.  The better you know this client, the higher your return on marketing investment will be.
    Think again of Sport Cuts. They don’t just market to men; they market to how those men see themselves.
    Where does your business sit in the market?
    To define your brand, you need to get a clear picture of the purpose and place of your business. The SWOT analysis can help. To do a SWOT analysis, involve everyone in your company. 
     Also, include your best customers. For best results, also ask some worst customers.  SWOT analysis is done in the form of a survey. The survey asks questions about each aspect of SWOT. You can create it yourself, or have it done by an outside firm that specializes in this.
    What’s SWOT
    Here is what each letter stands for:
    ·         Strengths – What about you gives you an advantage over your competitors?
    ·         Weaknesses - What about competitors puts your team at a disadvantage?
    ·         Opportunities: What elements could your business exploit to its advantage?
    ·         Threats: What elements could cause trouble for your business?
    Start by creating a list of simple questions.  What services does our business do that others don’t?  What do we do better than our competition? 
    Cover offerings, appearance, cleanliness, hours, staff friendliness or team spirit. Professionalism, products, Facebook page, website. Make it short answers to increase participation.  Reward those who take the time to help.
    Once you have the answers, your team should be able to review them and look at your position.  There may be opportunities for enhancement.  Understanding of your SWOT, will help you define your brand.
    Create an Identity
    Creating a business identity is a five-step process. It will define what your business brand stands for. Goals, personality, emotions you want your guests to experience when in contact with you. It also is a clear positioning statement.
    Vision Statement
    This describes what you want your company to become. One simple sentence. Not how, just what is your long-term dream of what it will be. Keep in mind:
    ·         Most important services
    ·         What will you never offer?
    ·         What is unique about doing business with you?
    ·         How would your customers describe your business to a friend?
    ·         Where will you be in 5 years?
    Mission Statement
    This defines your company purpose. Keep it simple, straightforward, easy to grasp. It should be motivational to staff and guests.  Think about:
    ·         What market needs do you exist to address?
    ·         What do you do to address these needs?
    ·         What guiding principles define your approach?
    ·         What make customers choose you?
    This refers to those emotions you want your guest to feel when they interact with you. Your essence is your company’s heat, soul and spirit.  Make it ONE word.  Consider:
    ·         What emotions does an encounter with your business elicit?
    ·         If your brand was a person, describe its personality (safe, magical, exotic, etc.)
    A business’ personality describes how the brand speaks, behaves, thinks, acts, and reacts. Apply human characteristics to your business and describe it.  What personality do you want to put forth?
    ·         Lighthearted and fun
    ·         Serious and all business
    ·         Down to earth
    ·         Playful
    ·         Matter-of-fact
    Unique Value Position
    This positions your brand. It is one or two sentences.  Your USP clearly states your unique value and how it benefits customers. It must define audience, market segment and a clear benefit that sets you apart. It also needs to instill confidence that it will deliver on its promise.  Consider these:
    ·         Target market, demographic and the avatar persona who you are speaking to
    ·         The market segment you serve
    ·         What is your brand promise – both rational and emotional
    ·         What makes your business unique from all the other salons/clinics in your area?
    ·         Why should your customers care about your unique value position?
    It takes a time and effort to accomplish this. But it pays back in big dividends.  Need inspiration – look at Disney.  They have done branding to the nth. Every single member of their team is trained to a solid understanding of what their brand is.  That’s what makes them the Magic Kingdom and unique from every other theme park in the world.   
    Is it time for you to up your game? It will make every marketing effort you do more successful.  Your physical business, website, Facebook, Google and all the others match. Customers will get the identical message on all fronts. They will know better who you are and why they should chose YOU.

    Judith Culp Creative Copy offers consulting and copywriting services to help you brand and market your business.  She can be reached at judith@jculpcreativecopy.com, or by phone 541-255-2379.

  • Waxing Wellness Treatment

    Convert Waxing to a  Happy Wellness Treatment
    Embrace it!  Wellness has come to the salon, spa, clinic.  Tweaking your treatments into client wellness experiences allows you to tap into this fastest growing segment of the spa industry. 
    How? Simply add things that enhance the client's well-being. Help them leave feeling better about themselves as well as delighted with the experience.
    Cirepil has worked hard to help you make waxing a happier experience.  Their goal, to remove the hair, and leave behind "Healthy Skin!"
    Cirépil wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. An exclusive application method makes client's waxing experience a "Happy" One!
    • Less Painful: Cirépil adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Comfort increased by 50%!
    • Never Sticky: Client's walk out the door with no "sticky" feeling skin!
    • Less Redness: Soothing ingredients in the wax and calming agents in the post care.
    • Less Ingrown Hairs: Cirépil waxes remove all hair from its root; this  
      Waxing didn't hurt!!
      avoids ingrown hairs associated with other traditional methods.
    • No Discomfort due to Low Heat: Client's will love the low temperature wax especially designed for sensitive skin.
    • Long Lasting: Results can last up to 4 - 6 weeks with regular waxing! No breakage.

    Client's will love how smooth and soft their skin feels after your service!

    Happy Waxing techniques: These steps provide a great client experience using an exclusive pre and post-wax service:

      To improve waxing results and reduce chances for ingrown hair, have the client gently exfoliate 3 days prior to, and after, their waxing service. Recommend the client continue to exfoliate up to 3 times a week. This removes dead skin cells and keeps their skin healthy and soft in-between waxing.
    2. CLEANSE AND PREPARE THE SKIN                                                                  Prepare and cleanse your client's skin with Cirepil Antiseptic Blue Lotion. This low-alcohol cleanser is especially recommended for delicate areas and sensitive skin. Next, apply a few drops of Jasmine based Cirepil Pre Depilatory Oil to the skin to ensure the wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin. Blot to remove any excess.                                                                                            
    3. TIME FOR "HAPPY WAXING™" . . .
      Have the client close their eyes and relax.
      Cirépil makes painful waxing outdated. The different varieties and textures of Cirepil waxes offer a targeted solution for each client's need. You select the right wax ensuring perfect results every time.
    4. PAMPERING AND MOISTURIZING MOMENT                                       Following waxing, refresh the client's skin with an application of Cirepil After Wax Refreshing Gel. It will calm the skin and assure there is no "sticky" left behind. Your client will walk out the door with smooth skin and feeling better about themselves!

  • Crafting Client Messages

    Successful marketing requires every message ties together like the bow on a gift. When the messages don’t match, potential clients click their mouse button.  Mixed messages mean less impact.  Lost opportunities for new clients, and lost revenues. 
    What do mixed messages look like?  Let’s create an example.  Spa1 wants to be known as a high-end, deluxe pampering spa. 
    It’s located in a building off a main street that looks like an industrial district. The parking area might make you wonder about venturing there. Leather and chrome dominate the interior. The logo has a Grecian theme. The staff are independent contractors. There is no theme or uniform. Brochures, business cards, specials all send different messages.
    There are no two parts of this that tie together to send a clear message to the client.  The chances of this business succeeding are very slim if they don’t give themselves a major makeover.
    The makeover must start with a redefining of the target market they want to reach and the demographics of the area where they need to locate.  From here, we design a tag line for the business that succinctly states our objective to our potential clients.
    The business should be easy to locate and easily recognizable by the clients as “us”.  If you are a brick and mortar, its location, location, location.  Make sure location matches your message. Ditto with interior. Make sure every aspect of the facility repeats theme and culture. 
    Are you casual or upscale, trendy or traditional?  Business cards, brochures, amenities, website, logo, and every aspect of advertising must all reflect the mission statement message.
    Select message components that will be easily duplicated/replicated for the different types of marketing that we plan to include.   
    McDonalds does this in spades as do most other national food chains.  We can learn from them and use the same techniques adjusting them for our type of business. 

    Whatever your business type, the same guides apply. Consistent messages reinforce the message to the clients so we can grow our business.