As much as I love esthetics, been doing it well over 30 years now, it can be hard on your body. I've seen estheticians who quit practicing after only a few years due to body pain.  You don’t want this to happen to you. It didn't need to happen to them. Here are some easy steps to keep your body from getting cranky.
Practice good ergonomics.  Try to think about your back. Notice the angles you work in. Try to sit tall and support your back with your abs. Strong tummy muscles help protect your lower back.
The right height facial lounge and the right height stool are both important. If you are still using a fixed height table, consider investing in a power hydraulic one.  The difference is amazing.  It is worth every penny of the expense.
If waxing on a fixed height table, make sure it is at the right height for you.  Working in a bent flagpole position is a recipe for back pain.  The power hydraulic table avoids this.  The table can be set at a low position for the client to get on and off. Then adjust so you can work at a height that is back friendly. 
Much of what we do is leaning, bent, and working with shoulders rounded in. This leads to back, neck, shoulder and even hand pain.  The secret is in the stretch. Between clients take a couple of minutes and stretch to open the shoulders and relax the neck and back. Think stretching tall, wide, open. Think about the shape you tend to work in and stretch outward in the opposite direction.
Currently seeing a massage therapist or chiropractor for body issues? Ask about stretching.  They may suggest  movements that will help keep your body more comfortable.  Stretching a little every day will keep you feeling better and able to work with more clients.  Stretching will also help avoid long term problems from getting started. 
Do you have the cranky wrists we talked about in the last issue? Stretching can help reduce the discomfort and lessen the problem.  Cranky wrists may be carpal tunnel.  They may be muscles and nerves irritated because of our repetitive motions. Again, stretching is your friend and the best way to feel better fast.
Stretching also has the added bonus of relaxing and de-stressing you!  Nothing is of greater value to a client than a relaxed, centered esthetician.  They may not say it, but they can sense it, feel it, when you are tense or stressed.  It affects their ability to enjoy the treatment. 
Protecting your own health and body wellness can also protect your business. Missed work means lost income.  Missed work means lost opportunities.  As we work with clients we can share. We talk skin care. We problem solve. We can also share wellness.
Do your clients do a lot of repetitive motion, or sitting work?  Share the benefits of stretching with them both physical and de-stressing. When there is physical pain, it makes for stress. When there is stress, the skin can start to look tired and tense.  The healthier we can help clients be, the younger and better their skin will look. Its a win-win situation the client will love you for.