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September 2017 Specials

  • Buy 3 or more regular priced  400G Cirepil Wax (Nacree Blanc, Ease, Cristal Ocean, 400g Blue Beads, 400g Blue tin, 400g Visage Beads) and receive 15% off. Coupon code sep17b must be entered for this offer.
  • Buy Vegetale for only $10/tin during the month of September.  No coupon necessary.
  • Buy two or more 800g Intimate 4, Cristalline, Blue, Eurose, Euroblond, Rose, Homme, along with wax ring collars and a 400g tin, get the rings and tin for free.   Coupon code sep17a must be entered for this offer.

Limit one offer per order.

  • Cirepil 800g Blue Refill Wax Beads front of bag
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Blue Refill Wax Beads
    Cirepil Blue Wax Beads Cirepil Blue Beads - bulk order by the case. Cirepil Blue Beads #1 Choice of Professionals Worldwide Original Blue waxing beads   Cirepil blue revolutionizes waxing with a special polymer...
  • Cirepil Cristalline 800g beads image
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Cristalline Hypoallergenic Refill Wax Beads
    Cirépil Cristalline Wax Beads, Gel Textured, Non Strip Wax For the Highly Sensitive Skin Types Hypoallergenic Ultra-fluid gel texture Transparent orange color Ideal for highly sensitive skin and delicate...
  • Cirepil 800g Euroblonde Wax Beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Euroblonde Wax Beads
    Cirepil Euroblonde Europe's #1 Selling Wax is HERE!!!! Perron Rigot is celebrating its 80th anniversary by releasing this long popular European wax to the US. The essential info: honey-colored translucent...
  • Cirepil Eurose non-strip wax 800g bag of beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Eurose Refill Wax Beads
    Cirepil Eurose Wax Beads Creamy textured, all purpose, non-strip wax. Easy to apply, quick & efficient waxing Fresh rose color Creamy texture Formulated with titanium dioxide and coconut oil Easy to apply for...
  • Image of Cirepil Homme for Men 800g Wax Beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Homme for Men Wax Beads
    Cirepil Homme for Men Cirépil Homme Wax Beads - For The Man - Gel textured, Non-strip wax, especially formulated for men. Metallic blue-green color Refreshing marine scent Ultra-fluid gel texture Easy to...
  • Picture of Cirepil 800g Intimate 4 Refill Wax Beads front of bag
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Intimate 4 Refill Wax Beads
    Intimate 4 was designed to address the special needs of Brazillian waxing. A disposable depilatory stripless wax which works on all hair types especially resistive hair.  Ideal for intimate areas because of its...
  • Wax Warmer Wax Ring Collars by Cirepil, 50ct, cardboard, labeled collars
    $10.00 Cirepil Protective WAX RING COLLARS, 50ct
    Cirépil Protective Wax Ring Collars - protect your wax warmer from unwanted spills. Protect your wax heater Use to minimize the risk of wax spilling into the heating chamber of wax warmer Ensures the...
  • Empty 400g Wax Tin, plain, not label, for wax beads
    $4.00 Empty 400g Wax Tin
    Empty Tin 400g Empty Tin 400g - Pour Cirépil Beads into tin and place into heater well. 400g Empty Tin sold individually Convenient re-sealable lid  Empty tins are designed to fit standard 3.75", 400 gram...
  • eScential 800g Rose Refill Wax Beads bag front
    $36.50 eScential 800g Rose Refill Wax Beads
    Revolutionary new aromatherapy wax removed without using non woven strips is perfect for short, coarse, and hard to remove hairs. Use this low-temperature product on all areas of face and body. It is the absolute best choice...