Moisture Replenishing Cream - 2oz

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Moisture Replenishing Cream restores moisture content in combination skin

European studies prove the balancing ingredient in this buttery – yet greaseless – creme works with skin’s natural moisturizing lipids to normalize oily skin in only 15 days and dry skin
within 45 days. The result? One of the world’s only “smart” moisturizers. Wear it 24-hours-a-day to give any skin perfect moisture control.

Saturated with skin-revitalizing Vitamin A, a lightweight cream perfect for combinations skins.This lovely cream helps normalize and balance both oily and dry skin.  D
elivers a cushioning layer of moisture between skin calls for up to 20 hours while balancing skin's oily or dry nature with its lightweight, quickly absorbing properties. Saturated with three types of moisturizing, age-fighting vitamin E, plus stabilized vitamins A and C for long-lasting free radical defense. Apply over serums, hydrators or clean skin.

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