Mark Lees Soothing Gel Mask

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Mark Lees Soothing Gel Mask

Calming, soothing, hydrating. Sensitive Science® Soothing Gel Mask is designed to soothe and cool flushed and irritant-prone skin. A unique blend of soothing ingredients, including extracts of licorice and chamomile, reduces redness and hydrates sensitive skin. This special mask has been extensively dermatologist- and irritancy-tested.

Improves the appearance of: dehydration, redness-prone skin, sensitive aging skin and all dehydrated skins. 

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Irritancy-tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Color-free

Used extensively in clinic for sensitive, redness prone, irritation prone skin. For extra cooling, apply and wrap a cool towel around face on top of it.

Suggested use: After cleansing skin with Soothing Cleanser, apply the mask evenly to all dry or dehydrated areas or those that need calming.  Can be used in all facial areas, including under and outer eye areas and on the neck. Allow the mask to process 10-20 minutes. Remove with cool wet cotton or soft cloth.  Follow with Calm & Restore Hydrating Fluid.

2 ounce tube.




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