Magic Stylo Semi Permanent Makeup Pen

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  • Magic Styl'o Semi Permanent Makeup Pen
  • Magic Stylo Semi Permanent Makeup Pen


Long Lasting Beauty Can Be Yours

Magic Styl’o is an amazing semi-permanent pen that is perfect for our hectic lifestyle today.  It can be used for everyday makeup—for Lip Liner, Full Lip Color, Eyeliner and Brow Fill-in—as well as eyelash and eyebrow extension enhancement.  The Magic Styl’o  pen is also great for body art drawing, temporary hair tinting and so much more!

Magic Styl'o Semi-Permanent Makeup Pens come in Many Beautiful colors.   These amazing liner pens work like a felt-tip marker to dry instantly, making application a breeze. And they last 24 hours, giving you effortless, long lasting beauty.

The semi-permanent formula soaks into the skin, giving you a natural, never caked-on look. Magic Styl'o will not run, smudge or clump like traditional liners. This semi-permanent formula stays put until you're ready to take it off. A handy cleaner and use guide are in every box.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: It won't smudge?

A: Once Magic Styl'o dries, it won't budge.  It stays on until you are ready to take it off. 


Q: How do I get it off?

A: Magic Styl'o comes off with your makeup remover or skin cleanser.


Q:  What if I make a mistake when I am applying it?

A: We all have little accidents.  Just quickly, use a damp cotton swab and wipe away the problem. Then re-apply.


Q: How wide a line do the pens make?

A: The width of the line is controlled by your angle with the pen onto your skin. The more perpendicular it is, the thinner the line. If you want a wider line, angle the pen a little closer to your skin.  For lips, you can create a nice sharp lip line and then lay the pen flat on the skin for a nice soft fill.


Q: The colors look really bright on the pen tips. Are they?

A: Brightness of the color is controlled by how much you apply. If you want a softer lip color, use a light touch and a single pass.  If you want it to be more bold, add another layer. This makes the pens very versatile.


Q: Can I use it to tint my eyebrows.

A: This is not a hair or skin dye product.  It is a makeup product that will last about 24 hours. 


Q: What if my pen quits working?

A: Every pen comes with a cleaning kit in the box.  As you apply the color, the pen will pick up tiny amounts of body oils.  If the pen gets too much oil buildup it won't apply well.  Simply follow the cleaning directions and wipe the tip with one of the little alcohol pads and you will find you are ready to go.  I have been using these pens for years and find they last a long time. How long yours will last will be dependent on how frequently you apply it and how heavy an application you prefer.


Q: It's a little hard to tell the colors, can you help?

A: Colors render differently on every device screen.  Here are my interpretations as a makeup artist...

Black Velvet: inky black

Pearl Grey: Soft medium dark grey

Espresso Brown: Deep rich dark brown (great for those with naturally dark hair and brows)

Taupe: Medium grey brown -a brown with no red and no gold undertones (good for cool skin tones who don't like red in their brow color).

Gorgeous brown: Light to medium golden brown (good for light brown, blondes or red-heads.

Peppermint Pink: Light cool pink. The more you put on the brighter and bolder it becomes.

Strawberry Red: Light/medium warm pinkish red.

Mauve: Cool - neutral medium intensity brownish/pink


Water, isopropyl alcohol, Propylene glycol, sorbitol, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, ethylparaben, lactic acid, sodium carbonate.

MAY CONTAIN: D&C Red7, FD&C Red 40, FD&C Yellow 5, D&C Red 22, FD&C Yellow 7, FD&C Blue 1


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3 Reviews

  • 5
    very good product

    Posted by Judy on 6th Sep 2018

    This make up really is semi-permanent , it stays put until you take it off , just what I was looking for to use for my daughter's wedding.

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    color is wrong

    Posted by Gayle Peterson on 6th Mar 2017

    I like the way it stays on, but the color has too much red. Maybe I should try the grey, but shipping is too expensive.

    I'm sorry the Taupe didn't work for you Gayle. It has the least red of any of the brow colors available. Typically considered a greyed brown. When you are going to be in Eugene, please give me a call and let's problem solve: 541-344-7789. That will allow me to test colors on your skin.

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    Can't live without my Magic Styl'o

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Nov 2016

    I have been using the Magic Stylo pen in the color Espresso everyday for well over 10 years. As a teenager, I over plucked my eyebrows. They never grew back so I need something that stays on and doesn't budge all day long.I've tried so many other products, but nothing else compares to the Magic Stylo.It goes on easily and stays put all day long. My delivery arrived on time as expected.I did have one disappointment with my last order.I ordered 2 Magic Stylo pens in Espresso but the two I received were not the same.One was 2ml/.07fl oz,the other was 1.5ml/.05fl oz. For 10 years every Magic Stylo pen I've ordered was 1.5ml/.05fl oz. The 2ml/.07fl oz one did not apply easily and when it dried it was a cakey mess. It also wiped right off with a tissue. While the 1.5ml/.05fl was exactly as expected.I wish they had sent me two of the 1.5ml/,05fl oz.pens because I can only use one of the two pens I paid for. Not happy about that.

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