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December 2017 Specials

  • Buy 4 or more 800g Blue, Cristalline, Escential Rose, Eurose, Intimate 4, Homme and a Happy Heater, and get a credit at checkout to make the Happy Heater free!  For this offer to apply the beads and happy must be added to cart and coupon code dec17a must be entered at checkout.  Limited to stock on hand.
  • Buy 2 or more 400g Cirepil Ease, Cristal Ocean, and Vegetale.  Coupon code dec17b must be entered for this offer.  

Limit one offer per customer per month.  Cannot combine with case pricing or other discounts.

  • Cirepil 800g Blue Refill Wax Beads front of bag
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Blue Refill Wax Beads
    Cirepil Blue Wax Beads Cirepil Blue Beads - bulk order by the case. Cirepil Blue Beads #1 Choice of Professionals Worldwide Original Blue waxing beads   Cirepil blue revolutionizes waxing with a special polymer...
  • Cirepil Cristalline 800g beads image
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Cristalline Hypoallergenic Refill Wax Beads
    Cirépil Cristalline Wax Beads, Gel Textured, Non Strip Wax For the Highly Sensitive Skin Types Hypoallergenic Ultra-fluid gel texture Transparent orange color Ideal for highly sensitive skin and delicate...
  • Cirepil Eurose non-strip wax 800g bag of beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Eurose Refill Wax Beads
    Cirepil Eurose Wax Beads Creamy textured, all purpose, non-strip wax. Easy to apply, quick & efficient waxing Fresh rose color Creamy texture Formulated with titanium dioxide and coconut oil Easy to apply for...
  • Image of Cirepil Homme for Men 800g Wax Beads
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Homme for Men Wax Beads
    Cirepil Homme for Men Cirépil Homme Wax Beads - For The Man - Gel textured, Non-strip wax, especially formulated for men. Metallic blue-green color Refreshing marine scent Ultra-fluid gel texture Easy to...
  • Picture of Cirepil 800g Intimate 4 Refill Wax Beads front of bag
    $38.80 Cirepil 800g Intimate 4 Refill Wax Beads
    Intimate 4 was designed to address the special needs of Brazillian waxing. A disposable depilatory stripless wax which works on all hair types especially resistive hair.  Ideal for intimate areas because of its...
  • Cirepil Happy Heater
    $65.00 Cirepil Wax Warmer/Heater - The Happy Heater
    Cirépil Happy Heater - Thermostatically-controlled Heater offers a wide range of temperatures designed for heating Cirépil depilatory wax.   Custom Cirépil Heater For personal...
  • eScential 800g Rose Refill Wax Beads bag front
    $36.50 eScential 800g Rose Refill Wax Beads
    Revolutionary new aromatherapy wax removed without using non woven strips is perfect for short, coarse, and hard to remove hairs. Use this low-temperature product on all areas of face and body. It is the absolute best choice...