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Cirepil Waxing Kits

Waxes    Oils and Lotions    Waxing Kits    Wax Warmers Strips, Spatulas, Gloves, etc

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  • Brow System Salon counter Display
    $189.00 $154.00 Cirepil Brow Salon Counter Display
    Brow Sculpting Retail Display   This brand NEW display comes with 5 retail Brow Makeup Sculptor Kits and a counter display for your clients to purchase following your Perfect Brows Designing session.  In...
  • Picture of Cirepil Discovery Kit Contents
    $203.00 Cirepil Discovery Waxing Kit
    Discovery Kit: Everything you need to get started with Cirepil! The Cirepil Discovery Kit contains all the "must haves" to provide not just a wax service but a true beauty treatment!  Includes: (2) Cirepil 800g...
  • Cirepil Kit - Basic Introduction Kit
    $80.00 Cirepil Kit - Basic Introduction Kit
    Perfect if you are getting started with Cirepil. Included in the starter kit are one tin of Blue, one tin of Ease, one 250ml bottle of Cirepil Blue Lotion, one 250ml bottle of Cirepil Pre-Depilatory Oil, and application...