Cirepil 400g Visage Face Waxing Beads - Case of 24

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Cirépil Visage Wax Beads - The 1st Professional Depilatory Wax designed specifically for the face! 

Creamy textured, non-strip wax.

  • Smooth creamy texture
  • Brilliant yellow color
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for precision waxing such as eye brows
  • Contains apricot kernel oil for hydration
  • Titanium dioxide for anti-inflammation
  • Ideal for every client
  • Available: 400 gram bag of beads

Case of 24 bags, 400g each

This exciting new development by the Perron Rigot laboratories is designed specifically for the face.  Visage is a non-strip wax that works great on eyebrows, fuzz, and ears. 

It has a thicker, creamier texture than the other Cirepil waxes which we noted took just a little longer to heat up.

Does not need to be fully melted, work around the edges of the can.  Use caution with heat settings as higher temperatures can overheat and ruin the wax. 

 Visage lays down nicely and removes comfortably for the client.

It offers superior removal of velus hairs! Visage sets up quickly and is not "thready".

The hints of lemon, apricot, cinnamon and citronella make it a pleasure to work with.

Cirepil Visage comes in bags of 400g beads.  

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