Bio Med Wash 7oz 10 pack

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Sterile First Aid Wash for Skin and Eyes

This product contains qty 10 of the 7oz size.

This all-natural, safe, sterile, convenient, non-allergenic, saline-free, propellant free, and additive-free product is perfect for any first aid situation and use on unbroken or broken skin.  It helps cleanse and dilute any harmful chemicals from skin or eyes.  It contains pH balanced Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture grade water proven ideal for skin and eye applications.

The trigger activated bag-in-can technology emits the Bio-Logic Aqua water as a fine spray making it unnecessary to touch either the water or the area of application.  This helps assure sterility even under unsanitary conditions.  The bag-in-can technology avoids chemical propellants.  The trigger on the container makes it easy to barrier film during permanent makeup or tattoo services.  Spray directly on the area or apply to disposable wipe. 

The tissue culture grade water is high-grade water with no impurities or contaminants. 

This product is widely used by emergency responders, police officers, emergency medical technicians and emergency room personnel as well as with eye wash stations, home first aid and military personnel and medics.  Anywhere a sterile non-saline, non-stinging wash is needed. Excellent for any broken skin, abrasions, cuts, lacerations, eye wash.  A decade of research has shown Bio Med Wash as the most effective and  safe first aid wash for skin and eyes.

Available in 3 or 7 ounce sizes.

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